How Much Work Must You Do to Push a 10kg Block of Steel Across a Table?

December 12, 2023

How much work must you do to push a 10kg block of steel across a table (K = 0.60) at a constant speed of 1.20 m/s for 2.20 s?

A school boy exerts a horizontal force on a box of mass 10 kg and it slides on a frictionless horizontal surface. What is its speed after a distance of 3.5 m?

The force of gravity acting on a body of mass 1kg is 10 N. How much work will be required to displace this mass by 10 m?

Homer climbs a ladder in 20 sec. He moves from a position at rest to the top of the ladder with a velocity of 1m/sec. How much work did he do to get up the ladder?

How much energy is needed to lift a weight of 10kg from rest up to a height of 2m?

Suppose a horizontal force of 100 N acts on an object that is initially at rest. This force causes the object to move across a frictionless horizontal surface for a distance of 5 m. What is its kinetic energy after this displacement?


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