How Much Weed Do You Need For a Blunt?

December 10, 2023

Generally, a blunt is larger than a rolled joint and can hold about one to two grams of marijuana. The size of your blunt may vary, depending on your rolling skill and preferences. It’s best to have a few gram-sized bags of cannabis on hand when you want to smoke, as it can take time to roll up a blunt properly.

A gram will also be enough to smoke with one other person, though many connoisseurs prefer to stretch their blunts and have several on hand to share with friends. When you’re ready to smoke, use a lighter or matches to light one end of the cigarillo. Then inhale through the filter and exhale through the mouthpiece. This method of smoking a blunt allows you to experience the full effects without burning your mouth or lips.

The average amount of marijuana in a blunt is 0.32 grams, according to research by Beau Ridgeway and Beau Kilmer of RAND Corporation. The study used a model that factored in data from 10,000 marijuana transactions and surveys of users from 40 communities. Previous research relied on fairly comical methods to estimate weed usage, like asking users to measure out oregano they felt was equivalent to a typical joint, but those estimates were inconsistent and not accurate, Ridgeway and Kilmer note. Other studies asked participants to compare the size of their joints with items like coins or rulers, but those estimates weren’t terribly accurate either.


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