How Much Water Do You Need In Spanish?

November 2, 2023

Drinks are a big part of Spanish culture and knowing how to talk about them is key for your Spanish fluency. From the most common drinks to some more obscure ones, here’s your guide to the world of beverages in Spain.

How Much Water Do You Need In Spanish

The EFSA recommends that adults consume 1.5-2 litres of water per day. In addition, it’s important to include fluids from other sources such as tea and coffee, fruit juices and soft drinks. In the study, it was found that the majority of adolescents and children did not reach these intake recommendations. Moreover, it was also found that many people have low hydration levels and should make an effort to consume more water.

In most areas in Spain, the tap water is safe to drink as it’s regulated and filtered. However, the quality of tap water can vary from one region to another. For example, some coastal regions may have a more mineral taste or a strong chlorine smell. Other parts of the country may have sediment or even sand in their tap water. This is why some people prefer to buy bottled water.

When ordering drinks in a restaurant in Spain, you will need to know how to ask for them properly. It’s best to say: Ponme una jarra de agua por favor! (Please give me a glass of water). Although, most restaurants will expect you to order food so it’s always best to check with them first.


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