How Much SR Do You Get Per Win in Overwatch?

March 22, 2024

Overwatch has had a lot of changes since Season 9's Competitive overhaul, including the removal of SR and the introduction of Competitive progress bars that help players track their rank progression. That's not to say SR is irrelevant, however, as it is still used colloquially among the community to refer to how much a player is ranking up or down.

In general, a player's SR is determined after they complete their placement matches at the start of a new season. They then enter a competitive rank based on that performance, with SR increasing or decreasing based on the number of wins and losses they have throughout the season.

How much sr do you get per win

Getting to know your SR and how it works is key to maximizing your ranked play experience. The more you understand what drives a match's SR gains and losses, the better you can manage your expectations to avoid being frustrated by unfavorable outcomes or wasting time on matches that will yield little in the way of an increase.

SR is calculated based on a combination of personal and team performance, with wins earning more than loses. The rate of a match's SR gains or losses is also adjusted based on how many teams are left in the game, with the total SR gained for a victory being greater when fewer teams are remaining than when there are more teams competing. Players are also subject to a deployment fee, which is deducted from their overall SR total before each match and is higher for higher-ranked players.


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