How Much Money Do Male Strippers Make?

December 24, 2023

If you have a muscled body, a cute face and the ability to engage a crowd you can earn a decent living as a male stripper. However, even these attributes will not guarantee you a six-figure paycheck. In fact, it may take years of work before you are able to make the kind of money that is usually reserved for female exotic dancers.

When it comes to working as a male stripper the most important factor that will determine how much you make is luck. This is true both in terms of the number of clients that will throw you cash and also how much they will tip. The most successful male strippers are not necessarily the best looking or the smoothest talkers, they are just the ones that get lucky and have a group of regulars that show up to every club night to toss them big tips.

The main way that male strippers make their money is through appearing in organised stage shows at clubs and for one off bookings like hen parties and birthday celebrations. This can earn them anywhere between PS150 and PS250 for a single night of performance. The other way that male strippers can make money is by doing private bookings for groups of women, these can be a good source of income too as long as they are able to find enough work.

The lowest paying jobs for male strippers are normally the Male revue shows, these are full theatre style 'bells and whistles' stage shows that require pre-booking. This line of work generally pays the least, new performers can expect to make around $300 to $400 a week at first.


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