How Much Meat Do You Get From a Moose?

November 22, 2023

Moose are majestic creatures that capture the imagination of nature enthusiasts and provide high-quality meat. However, many hunters may wonder how much meat do you get from a moose. While the final amount of edible meat will vary depending on several factors, a few key tips can help you make the most of your harvest.

Among the most important factors in determining meat yield is the time of year that you harvest your moose. During the fall, when moose have been feeding on abundant summer foliage, they often carry more fat reserves than in the spring, which can result in a higher overall meat yield.

Field dressing and proper meat handling are also essential in maximizing your moose’s yield. For example, it’s advisable to field dress your game as soon as possible after shooting to prevent spoilage and rot, as well as to avoid puncturing internal organs. It’s also important to use clean tools and a large cheesecloth or cardboard placed below the carcass to protect the meat from contamination from water and dirt. Lastly, it’s critical to remove the hide and place a tarp over the carcass for optimal cooling.

Wild-game butcher and hunter Rich Brochu generally finds that moose tend to produce the highest percentage of meat. He usually expects a bull to yield 40 to 45% of its total body weight, while a cow will typically yield about 25%. Moreover, it’s crucial to dress out the entire animal rather than just the heart and liver, as these parts are generally more heavily contaminated with heavy metals such as cadmium.


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