How Much Height Do Jordans Add?

March 15, 2024

How Much Height Do Jordans Add?

Depending on the model, some Jordan shoes will add more height than others. The Air Jordan 1, 4, 5, 6, 12, 13, and Max Aura 2 all add around 2 centimeters of height to the wearer. Some models like the Jordan 6s aren’t as comfortable as other Jordan sneakers but you can make them more comfortable by replacing their standard insoles with Move Game Day or Game Day Pro.

Most people are at their tallest in the morning when they first wake up. It’s also generally accepted that you lose some height throughout the day. To get an accurate measurement stand with your feet flat on a smooth surface with a wall behind you at a right angle. Place a foot scale against the wall and mark where it touches your head. Now measure the height from the floor to that mark with a measuring tape, yard stick, or meter scale.

It’s important to note that GS shoes (designed for older kids) fit slightly narrower than their regular counterparts. This, combined with a narrow toe box, can cause the shoe to feel tight on certain foot shapes. It’s best to go for half a size up from your usual size when purchasing GS shoes.

For a more versatile shoe try wearing the Jordan 3 Lows with baggy clothes or turning them up at the bottom to show off the sneaker. They’re also narrow enough to pair with fitted style outfits as well.


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