How Much Does Florida Pay For Iguanas?

June 1, 2023

Iguanas are known for their vibrant green coloration, tall spikes extending from their spines, and outgoing and friendly temperament. They begin small as babies and can grow into adults weighing more than 15 pounds. Iguanas are considered an invasive species and can damage gardens, dig up home structures, and threaten endangered species in the wild. Because of this, many homeowners struggle with iguana control issues on their properties.

One way to keep the costs down for iguana removal is by hiring a nuisance wildlife trapper. A professional can help you catch and relocate iguanas in the most humane manner possible. They can also provide you with the information necessary to properly care for the reptile once it is removed from your property.

Another option is to use a specialized iguana trap, which can be purchased from a nuisance wildlife removal company. These traps are designed to capture the lizards quickly and efficiently. They can be baited with fruit or other foods that the iguanas are attracted to.

Iguana meat can be quite tasty when cooked correctly. Brittany Peters shot two green iguanas on her recent trip to Florida and then skinned, boiled, and sauteed the meat for a meal.

Iguana bounties are being debated by Miami Beach city officials to combat the invasive species. A bounty would encourage people to kill the iguanas, which are crowding residential neighborhoods and damaging sea walls and gardens. Rosen Gonzalez acknowledged that the idea of a dead-or-alive iguana bounty sounds absurd, but said it is a necessary solution to the iguanas' burgeoning population.


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