How Much Does an Average Pig Weigh?

February 14, 2024

Pigs can weigh a lot or a little, depending on their age, breed, and gender. They can also be quite large, with the largest pig ever weighing in at 2,552 pounds. The average pig can vary from 300 to 700 pounds, depending on the breed.

To figure out how much your pig is, you’ll need to know its hanging weight and its live weight. Hanging weight is the total amount of meat on the carcass once all trimmings like the head, hide, blood, hooves, lungs, and viscera are removed. It can be difficult to get a pig on the scale for this, so it’s good to know how to calculate a rough estimate. Live weight is how much the pig was when it was alive and can be estimated using a simple formula.

To calculate a pig’s live weight, you need to know its heart girth and body length. You can measure these two dimensions with a fabric tape measure. You can purchase a specialized measuring tape for this purpose at many feed stores or livestock catalogs, but a standard fabric tape will work as well. Measure the pig from its front legs to the base of its tail, allowing a few inches of overlap for flexibility.

Once you’ve taken these measurements, square the heart girth and multiply it by the length. This gives you the pig’s heart girth in inches, which you can then divide by 400 to get its live weight in pounds.


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