How Much Does an Average Donkey Weigh?

February 15, 2024

Whether you’re raising your donkeys for work or as pets, it is important to know how much they weigh. It’s one of the leading indicators of their overall health. Knowing how much they weigh will help you ensure that they’re getting enough food, forage, and hay to keep them in peak physical condition. It’s also important to monitor their weight on a regular basis, especially for underweight or overweight donkeys.

Normally, you would use an industrial or large animal veterinarian scale to get an exact weight. However, these can be costly and are difficult to set up on a home farm. The most accurate way to determine a donkey’s weight is by using their heart girth measurement. To do this, put a piece of string (the same string used in the previous step for heart girth) on the donkey’s shoulder and measure down towards the buttocks.

The donkey’s sense of smell is well developed and they can use it to determine if something is life-threatening or friendly. They also have a good sense of touch and use it to respond to their handlers’ cues.

If you’re concerned that your donkey is underweight, a visit to the vet should be your first step. The vet will check their ribs and hip bones to ensure that they’re healthy. They’ll also check the donkey’s condition score to see if they’re close to being ideal. Be careful not to starve an underweight donkey, as this can cause serious health problems.


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