How Much Do You Make With DoorDash Reddit?

January 9, 2024

How much do you make with doordash reddit is a question that has no definitive answer, as the amount you earn depends on a variety of key factors. On average, however, DoorDash drivers earn between $15 and $25 per hour. This is because the company pays a set delivery fee for each order that is completed and also includes tips from customers. Additionally, many Dashers can increase their earnings by working during peak times like lunch and dinner.

One thing to consider when estimating your hourly earnings as a DoorDash driver is the cost of gas and car maintenance. The gas prices in your area can vary significantly, which can have a significant impact on your earnings. Additionally, you’ll need to factor in other costs such as vehicle wear and tear, taxes, auto insurance, and any maintenance required on your vehicle.

You’ll also want to consider the local demand for DoorDash deliveries, as this can help determine your potential income. For example, urban areas and cities typically have higher demand for food delivery services than rural areas. And delivering to affluent neighborhoods can increase your chances of receiving higher tips from customers.

To maximize your earnings as a Dasher, you’ll need to develop a strategy that works best for you and your location. Some Dashers choose to stick with a specific area that is busy all day and focus on that, while others take a “hub-and-spoke” model where they work around their home base and then bounce to different busy zones.


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