How Much Do You Know About DanTDM?

March 14, 2024

DanTDM is one of the most famous YouTubers who plays Minecraft, and he’s racked up over 19 billion views. But how much do you know about him?

Daniel Middleton, who is known by his channel name DanTDM, was born in England. He started his channel in 2012, focusing on commentating on video games like Minecraft. He quickly gained popularity because of his hilarious commentary and has since become a multi-millionaire.

Despite his success, Dan remains humble and keeps his channel clean – unlike many other popular gaming channels that curse often during their gameplay videos. He also regularly reaches out to his fans and takes the time to answer their questions.

As well as his main YouTube channel, Dan also has a number of spin-off channels. These include the DanTDM SMP, where he plays multiplayer games with his friends; the DanTDM Vlogs, where he films vlogs of his day-to-day life; and the DanTDM Creates A Big Scene, an original YouTube Red series that follows him and his animated friends as they battle “to keep their live show on the road.”

In addition to his work on YouTube, Dan has also starred in two movies. He’s also got a few tattoos, including a pink ribbon in honor of his late friends Lucas and Henry. In his latest vlog, he revealed that he’s planning to start a new game with a friend called ‘Blockbuster’. You can watch it below! What other facts do you think you might know about Dan?


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