How Much Do Yorkies Cost at PetSmart?

January 7, 2024

If you’re considering getting a new pet, you may be wondering how much do yorkies cost at petsmart. PetSmart is a large pet store chain that sells everything you need for your dog, from food to grooming supplies. They also offer a number of services for your pet, such as bathing, fur grooming, and nail trimming.

While many of these services are available in all stores, others require an appointment or a minimum order amount. The exact price of these services will vary depending on the type and condition of your dog, the length of the hair, and how often you need to get them cleaned. You can find prices for these services on the PetSmart website or in person at your local store.

One example of a faulty service is the case of Winter, a dog who died after a PetSmart grooming session in July 2019. When Sherrilyn Miller dropped her chihuahua off at the grooming station, she opted to pay the extra $3 to have bows placed on her ears. An hour later, when she picked her up, Winter seemed lethargic and was bleeding from her ears. A necropsy was done, and it was discovered that the bows were wrapped so tightly that they cut off circulation to her ears.

In total, 47 deaths have been linked to PetSmart grooming since 2008, according to NJ Advance Media. But this number is likely far higher, as not all grooming-related deaths are reported. For this reason, we recommend using a groomer that has been licensed and certified by your state’s regulatory body.


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