How Much Do Window Washers Make?

October 20, 2023

If you have ever hired a professional window washer to clean your home or business, you know that they are highly skilled and trained to do the job correctly. They use commercial-grade cleaning solutions that can make windows sparkle, and they have the right equipment to do so safely. They also know how to handle a variety of windows, including skylights. If you are thinking of starting a window washing business, it is important to understand how much the industry pays so that you can set your rates accordingly.

There is a lot of variation in the average pay for a window cleaner, depending on where you live and the number of jobs that you complete each year. The national average is around $28 per hour, according to Indeed. However, some states pay higher wages and others lower.

Window washers who specialize in high rise buildings often make a higher rate than those who clean smaller residential properties. This is because high-rise window washers must be equipped with the right safety gear to reach dizzying heights. This includes safety harnesses, ropes and knots, and they are experts at climbing up and rappelling down a building. This type of work is very dangerous, and it can be difficult to find reliable employees who are willing to take on the risks involved.

You should also consider the cost of additional services, like cleaning shutters or blinds, when determining your window washing price. Usually, these are an extra charge, but some companies include them in their hourly fee.


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