How Much Do Welders Make in Alabama?

November 15, 2023

The welding industry is one of the fastest growing trades in Alabama and across America. Welding professionals are employed in a variety of industries including shipbuilding, power plants, auto repair shops and construction projects. Welding offers career satisfaction, competitive wages and a range of benefits like health insurance coverage and 401K plans.

To become a welder in Alabama you must first complete a high school diploma or GED certificate. You can then attend a welding program at a vocational school or community college that provides classroom instruction and hands-on experience with welding equipment. Some schools also offer apprenticeship programs that give aspiring welders the opportunity to earn income while learning on-the-job. These programs also provide students with valuable industry experience and connections to employers who are looking for qualified welders.

Welder salaries in Alabama vary greatly depending on the industry and location. For example, the average salary for a welder in Huntsville is much higher than the national average, while the average welder salary in Alabama falls below the national average in both Auburn and Hoover. However, there are several cities where welder salaries exceed the Alabama average including Birmingham, Mobile, Opelika and Blountsville.


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