How Much Do Tubi Actors Get Paid?

December 9, 2023

How Much Do Tubi Actors Get Paid?

Tubi is an ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) service that pays content creators a percentage of advertising revenues generated from the platform. This revenue share is dependent on the deal made between Tubi and the firm that gained the content. Typically, content owners receive 55 percent of the total revenue from ads displayed on their videos. Tubi works together with Yahoo’s demand-side platform and also has its own ad sales team to sell available space to advertisers.

The salary of tubi actors depends on a number of factors including their experience, location, and type of film or TV project. The average salary for a tubi actor ranges from $1,082 per day to $3,756 for the week. Background actors and extras earn $187 a day while leads and supporting players may make up to $65,000 for a shoot depending on the budget of the film.

Residuals are another important factor in determining the amount an actor or actress will be paid. While SAG minimums are the baseline for pay, agents will often negotiate higher rates for their clients based on their years of experience and the overall popularity of the film.

For 2023, Tubi has a new movie that was released on April 12. No Way Out is an action thriller that stars Marques Houston, Casper Smart, Howard Alonzo, Lyrica Anderson, and Michael Franklin. The movie follows attorney Brian Nelson as he investigates a double murder case and discovers that all is not what it seems.


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