How Much Do Travel Nurses Make in Georgia?

March 4, 2024

If you’re considering travel nursing, it’s important to know how much do travel nurses make in georgia and the factors that influence salary. This way, you can decide if the extra pay is worth trading in your time at home to become a travel nurse.

The answer to how much do travel nurses make in georgia depends on a variety of factors, such as your specialization and the type of assignment you take. For example, specialized travel nurses in highly sought-after fields like cardiovascular intensive care units (CVICU) can expect to earn more than nurses who work shorter shifts in doctors’ offices. In addition, per diem and pick-up options can give you the flexibility to work more shifts and increase your salary.

You can also boost your travel nurse salary by choosing to take high demand assignments, such as those in areas experiencing a nursing shortage. These assignments are often more lucrative than other assignments because they require a harder-to-fill specialty, or they’re located in underserved communities.

Another way to increase your travel nurse salary is by requesting housing stipends rather than agency-provided accommodations. Stipends offer greater flexibility to meet your financial goals and lifestyle preferences, but you’ll likely have less choice in housing options.

In addition to competitive salaries, travel nurses in georgia can benefit from comprehensive healthcare benefits, including 401(k) matching, free CEUs, licensure assistance, 24/7 clinical support, and more. Whether you’re searching for your next travel nursing job in Georgia or simply interested in learning more about the career, AMN Passport can help you find the right position for your needs.


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