How Much Do Toy Haulers Weigh?

October 16, 2023

A toy hauler is like a garage on wheels, allowing you to take your favorite toys with you wherever you go. These trailers can vary in size, from smaller 2-horse models to a full-fledged RV with luxury amenities. Some toy haulers even offer multiple slide-outs for more living space. However, all this added functionality also adds weight to the overall vehicle.

The amount of weight a toy hauler has can be influenced by many factors, including the construction materials it uses and the additions you choose to make to the RV. For example, a toy hauler built using aluminum can be lighter than one made with steel. However, these toy haulers may not be as durable, as aluminum can easily dent and scratch.

Another factor that can impact the weight of a toy hauler is its design. For example, a toy hauler that is equipped with four-season features might be heavier than an all-season model due to the insulation and heating systems required for cold weather travel.

When looking at a toy hauler’s specs, you should note that the total weight capacity is listed as dry or unloaded vehicle weight (UVW). This refers to the trailer’s empty weight before adding fuel, water and cargo. This allows you to see how much the trailer will weigh with everything loaded up.

Remember that when choosing a toy hauler, it’s important to consider the towing capacity of your truck or SUV. Many half-ton pickups can tow small toy haulers, but you’ll want to know what the manufacturer says and to compare specs carefully.


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