How Much Do They Get Paid For 60 Days in Jail?

October 17, 2023

One of the most popular shows on Netflix right now is 60 Days In, a reality show where volunteers go undercover in jails to expose the criminal justice system. Since participants have to essentially give up their freedom and put themselves in danger, it’s natural to wonder how much they get paid.

The answer to this question isn’t exactly glamorous. While 60 Days In does have a budget, the money the cast gets depends on many factors. For example, it will depend on their employers’ policies and payment terms. It’s also important to note that the prison in which they film the show will also make a profit.

In addition to this, the producers of the show may pay extra if they have to work overtime due to the filming process. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that the participants are being paid extremely well. In fact, a source that claims to have once worked for the show has said that the participants get between $500-$3,000 per episode.

Still, that’s not a lot of money when you consider the risks involved with doing such a thing. Not only are the participants risking their reputations by doing this, but they’re also breaking the law in order to do so. This can lead to a lot of emotional stress, anxiety, and even PTSD. This isn’t something that anyone would do for just any kind of cash. So, if you’re thinking about joining the cast of 60 Days In, it might be worth considering all the other options out there.


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