How Much Do Tesla Advisors Make?

November 1, 2023

Car sales is a tough gig, but when you’re working for a company like Tesla that’s dedicated to making clean energy vehicles and other products, it can become an especially difficult job. Unlike most traditional car salespeople, who might have a brand they specialize in or sell mostly used vehicles, Tesla Advisors only sell their own company’s models. They also have to accept trade-ins and return vehicles, teach customers about the technology and features in their new vehicle (like Autopilot), and help with a range of other issues that could arise.

Many Tesla employees were upset when the company decided to stop paying commission, but it ultimately seems like a smart move for the company and in-line with its company ethos. Rather than incentivizing its salespeople through a commission structure, it now offers them a higher base salary and stock options for their work.

During the interview process, be prepared to be asked questions about your knowledge of electric cars and the industry. This is an excellent way for the interviewer to see how well you will fit into the role. You can answer this question by explaining that you’ve done some research on the company and know what they are trying to achieve with their products. You can also talk about how you’ve worked to expand your knowledge in the industry. This will show that you’re someone who is interested in what they’re doing and can take initiative to learn more.


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