How Much Do Tax Collectors Make in California?

October 30, 2023

If you're a person that enjoys working with people and wants a job where you can be constantly challenged, then this is the career for you. As a tax collector, it is your responsibility to ensure that individuals and businesses pay their taxes on time. You will work directly with citizens, interview them, and help develop payment solutions if they are unable to pay their tax bills. This is a demanding position, but it is also one of the best careers in finance for those with the right qualifications.

To become a tax collector, you need at least a bachelor's degree in a field related to finances, such as accounting or business administration. Most employers will also require you to pass an extensive background check and have strong customer service skills. As a tax collector, you will be responsible for large sums of money, so it is important to be trustworthy and have excellent communication skills. You should always remain professional during stressful situations, such as negotiating payments with delinquent taxpayers.

We analyzed over 200 jobs that require the same skill set as a Tax Collector and found at least 5 that pay more than the average salary in California for this role. These cities include Berkeley, Santa Monica, and Merced. If you're qualified, getting hired in these locations can significantly boost your salary.


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