How Much Do Target Store Directors Make?

January 5, 2024

It takes someone special to keep a place like Target running smoothly. These managers know everything about the store, from secret markdown schedules to things you should always buy in bulk. The company is a retailer that values its employees, offering perks like flexible paid time off and 401K plans. Plus, it's a top employer with high marks for diversity and innovative companies.

But how much do Target directors make? The company offers a competitive base salary, according to Glassdoor and LinkedIn. It also pays bonuses and other incentives based on employee performance. These compensations can add up, with the average store director earning more than $90,000 per year, according to TurboTax estimates.

Most Target workers who spoke with Insider said the company's perks, including an employee discount and a generous paid time off policy, made working there worth it. However, some said the daily realities of the job can be a challenge. For example, some Target workers who transitioned from part-time to full-time jobs say the 25-hour minimum required for benefits is difficult to meet due to fluctuating scheduling.

The average Target team leader earns about $17 per hour. Most of these employees work in departments, with some working early morning or overnight shifts. They need to be able to handle a demanding workload, but they may not need to interact with customers as often as other Target staff members. Target team leaders receive on-the-job training, which includes shadowing a current team leader or supervisor. They also attend weekly meetings with the store manager. The highest paying Target position is senior team lead, which offers an annual pay of $108,618 in New York.


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