How Much Do STNAs Make?

November 24, 2023

STNAs make an excellent first step into the world of nursing and healthcare. They get a lot of hands-on experience and build a foundation of skills that will help them work well in all areas of the field, allowing them to advance quickly. They also don’t spend a fortune getting into the industry as the training program is usually much shorter than other nurse careers. Ultimately, the pay that they earn depends on many factors including the state where they work and the facility where they are working. Hospitals typically pay higher than home healthcare facilities and New York City pays the highest.

On average, a nursing assistant stna makes $799 per week. This is a good income to have. However, if you want to increase your salary, you can do so by enhancing your skillset and qualifications.

Nursing Assistant stna jobs can be found in many places including: nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living communities, day care centers, and rehabilitation centers. They help patients with daily tasks and assist nurses with medical procedures. They must also clean and sterilize medical equipment. Typical duties include taking vital signs such as blood pressure and heart rate, repositioning patients to avoid bedsores, assisting with medication administration, feeding and grooming patients, cleaning rooms, and providing emotional support.

There are a few different ways to increase your nursing assistant stna salary. One way is to specialize in a particular area of the field. Labor and Delivery nurses, ICU nurses, and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists all make significantly more than a typical nursing assistant stna does.


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