How Much Do Starbucks Managers Make an Hour?

March 18, 2024

Starbucks has become much more than a place to grab a quick coffee, people visit it for its relaxed atmosphere, quality pastries and unique selection of beverages. The company has a reputation for caring about its employees, with many of the leaders in the home office starting out as baristas. This care shows up in the compensation package, as managers are well paid for their work and get access to a wide range of career options.

The base salary for a Starbucks store manager is comparable to other retail jobs, but there are a number of additional ways that they can make more money. These include annual bonuses, stock bonuses based on company performance and profit sharing payments. These extra dollars can add up to a substantial amount of income.

A good store manager is a leader who can balance daily reports, handle cash and credit card receipts, produce quarterly business reviews and keep up with local, state and federal employment laws. They also create employee schedules, train new hires and evaluate the performance of existing team members. They are also responsible for managing inventory and identifying opportunities to boost sales.

We analyzed salary data from millions of job postings on ZipRecruiter to find out how much the top ten cities pay for Starbucks store managers. Santa Cruz, CA leads the pack, with a store manager salary that is 17% above the national average. Next up are Sunnyvale, CA and Livermore, CA.


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