How Much Do Sprinkler Fitters Make?

March 18, 2024

Sprinkler systems are a good way to protect homes from fire damage, as they put the fire out quickly and prevent it from spreading. They are also relatively cheap, costing less than $0.80 per square foot to install and a fraction of the amount it takes to restore property from fire damage. Fire sprinkler installation costs are determined by the size of the house, so larger houses will cost more.

Sprinkler Fitters layout, install, repair, modify, inspect and test fire protection systems in a variety of buildings and settings. They work on wet, dry, water mist, pre-action, foam, deluge, standpipe, clean agent, carbon dioxide and hybrid fire suppression systems. Their responsibilities include reading and interpreting engineered drawings, installing hangers and clamps to support piping systems, preparing pipe using a variety of methods, joining pipes with various techniques, and installing associated equipment.

A high school diploma is required to start a career as a fire sprinkler fitter, but many choose to complete an associate degree program in fire protection technology at a community college or through a registered apprenticeship. Experience with welding is important, as is a strong knowledge of plumbing codes and fire safety regulations. A strong work ethic and willingness to learn on the job are essential to this role.

Based on recent job posting activity on ZipRecruiter, the salary average for this position in New York is below national average. We found at least five jobs related to this role that pay more than the average, including Sprinkler Design Engineer and Fire Consultant.


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