How Much Do Special Needs Nannys Make?

December 27, 2023

Many people with disabilities struggle to live independently. They may need help navigating everyday tasks like eating, bathing, and getting to the toilet. These adults and children require specialized care that often requires advanced skills. This care is often provided by family members, but when it’s too much, parents turn to in-home caregivers. These professionals can be hired through private pay or through government programs such as IHSS Protective Supervision in California.

Regardless of whether a special needs nanny is paid by family or through a state program, they should have good references. The best references will describe the candidate’s patience, focus, and responsibility. They should also provide examples of challenges that the candidate has overcome. For example, a mother who was the primary caregiver of her disabled daughter for 10 years juggled work, home life, and caring for her daughter while trying to keep the household running smoothly.

She was tired, depressed, and anxious, but she needed the job to keep health insurance for her daughter. Many families struggle to pay the bills as well as provide the individualized care that their loved ones deserve. A recent study found that families with children who have a disability lose $18,000 per year in income. The loss is even greater for parents who quit or cut their working hours to care for their child. The study recommends that families hire a caregiver through their special needs trust, but there are specific rules to consider when doing so.


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