How Much Do Sleds Weigh?

October 18, 2023

When done properly, sled training can be an incredible workout that strengthens the entire body while also improving speed and power. However, if done poorly or too often, it can cause back strain, pulled muscles, and even severe injuries. Choosing the right sled weight is an essential factor in ensuring your clients or athletes get the best results while also avoiding injuries.

VEITEOX offers a great option in this category as their FTY Weight Sled is a durable beast with plenty of options to customize it. It starts with two color choices of harnesses including black and desert & Arctic camouflage and comes with one center pole for Olympic plates so you can add more as you need to. The maximum weight capacity is 200 pounds which should be plenty for most users.

For the ultimate sled workout, try adding some plyometric exercises to the mix to really crank up the intensity of the session. These exercises will involve explosive movements that engage the whole body while increasing the heart rate and burning calories quickly.

For a great way to warm up, perform some short sprints or a few rounds of sled pushes with a light load to get the blood pumping. This will help to prepare the knees for the more intense workouts that are sure to come while also working the lower back and core muscles. For a fat burning finisher, try doing a few sets of sled pushes for around 5-10 minutes with very little rest.


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