How Much Do Skydive Instructors Make?

November 11, 2023

Whether it’s to have fun, get in shape or support yourself, skydiving is a rewarding sport. But how much do tandem instructors make?

Tandem skydiving instructors are paid per jump, so the more they jump, the more money they make. However, the rate also depends on the reputation of the dropzone, as well as the type of jumps they offer. For instance, a center with a focus on customer safety will likely attract more clients and therefore pay higher rates to their instructors.

In addition to earning a salary, some instructors work as parachute riggers to earn additional income. This job involves repacking reserve parachutes after every jump. It is typically a seasonal occupation.

Before skydiving instructors can start making money, they must first invest in equipment and training costs. Depending on how much they spend, it can take them 6 – 12 months to recover these expenses.

Aside from earning a salary, skydiving instructors have the flexibility to travel as they please since most major cities have skydiving centers. They can also choose to continue learning new skills and become a certified instructor through an AFF course.

Ultimately, the best thing about skydiving is being able to share your passion for this sport with others. In fact, this is what keeps most skydiving instructors going. While it’s not an easy or stable career, the pay is pretty good, and the view ain’t half bad (to quote a famous movie). But it’s also a dangerous profession that can cause serious injuries to you or your students.


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