How Much Do Sheriffs Make an Hour?

March 14, 2024

Sheriffs are elected officials in most counties across the United States. These professionals are responsible for patrolling specific areas, conducting investigations and securing courtrooms during proceedings. They also ensure that all laws of the county and state are carried out.

In addition to a competitive salary, law enforcement officers can get excellent benefits and retirement options. These include health and life insurance, vacation and sick leave, and access to 401k plans or pensions. They also usually receive a signing bonus, depending on the needs of the department and its budget.

Many sheriff’s departments are struggling to recruit qualified candidates, and as a result, they’re offering sign-on bonuses. “Departments are really trying to compete with one another right now to attract people,” says Webb, the criminal justice professor. In addition to signing bonuses, some sheriff’s departments also offer pay incentives for cadets who complete the 16-week adult correctional academy. Others offer compressed work schedules that allow deputies to enjoy more days off by working longer shifts.

The top cities for sheriff jobs tend to offer higher salaries than the national average. However, the average pay varies very little from city to city, which suggests that there aren’t a lot of opportunities for wage advancement unless you move. Still, the potential for a lower cost of living may be enough to offset the low wages in some cases.


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