How Much Do Service Technicians Make?

November 24, 2023

Service technicians use a variety of skills to carry out inspections, system maintenance and communicate with clients. They also have a variety of career paths. For example, some service technicians choose to work on industrial machinery and equipment while others may prefer a more specialized role such as a telecommunications technician.

The job of a service technician is often fast-paced and requires the ability to troubleshoot mechanical puzzles. They need to be detail oriented and comfortable working with greasy parts and tools in tight spaces. They often work full time, although some have a variable schedule that includes evenings and weekends.

Most service technicians work for large companies, such as airlines and hospitals. However, some work for smaller companies, such as auto shops. They can either be paid hourly or on a flat rate. Hourly pay is more predictable than a flat rate, which can be advantageous for some technicians. For instance, if a job that was initially estimated to take one hour ends up taking three hours, the technician will be compensated for all of the extra work.

A typical salary for a service technician can range from $50,080 to $84,400 a year. This figure can depend on location, company and industry, as well as the level of experience the professional possesses. You can learn more about service technicians and see what companies are hiring them by searching for job postings on Handshake, the all-in-one platform for jobs.


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