How Much Do Seint Artists Make?

December 26, 2023

As a Seint Artist, you can earn money by selling makeup in person, hosting parties or classes, teaching online classes, or by using your unique Artist website to build a direct sales business. You also can make additional income by referring customers to your team, or through other bonuses and incentives offered by the company.

The base commission rate that all Seint Artists earn is 20 - 40% of their personal sales each month. This is a great rate, especially for those who do not want to build a team and just want to sell makeup. There are no minimum sales quotas that must be met each month, which is perfect for those who are incorporating their Seint business alongside an existing career or lifestyle.

Another great benefit of being a Seint Artist is that the products are high-quality and affordable. This allows people from all walks of life to have access to great makeup that isn’t marketed as “cheap” or “tacky.” This makes it easy for women to love their natural beauty without feeling like they need to cover it up.

Seint has a great customer service department that is available to all Artists for any questions, concerns or issues. They also have a blog and special Seint App for Artists that provides training, resources and tools to help you grow your business. Seint also offers rewards trips each year that artists can qualify for by meeting certain sales quotas. These trips are an awesome way to connect with other Artists, learn new skills and get a break from the everyday grind!


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