How Much Do San Manuel Band of Mission Indians Employees Make?

March 16, 2024

The median salary for a San Manuel Band of Mission Indians employee is $25k-40k. This is based on 3,000 salaries collected directly from employees or estimated based on publicly available data sources.

The tribe is well known for its philanthropy, and its members donate to charities, schools, and other organizations throughout the area. It also runs a casino and various other businesses.

In addition to philanthropy, the tribe focuses on the preservation and promotion of its culture. For example, the tribe hosts an annual celebration at Cal State San Bernardino to commemorate California Native American Day, featuring singing, dancing and traditional foods. The tribe has also launched a program to revitalize the Serrano language and encourages parents to teach their children to speak the language at home.

Tribal members over the age of 18 receive a per capita check monthly. The amount varies, but it can be as high as $21,000 per month. Those under the age of 18 have trust funds that are usually 1500 a month put into them until they graduate high school or turn 18.

Many tribal citizens work in the casino, where they can make an average of $17,000 per year. Others are involved in the business of delivering food to local residents, providing transportation for those who need it, or working as security guards. The casino also provides opportunities to earn money by hosting concerts and tournaments. Those who wish to make more money can join the management team and earn a higher salary.


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