How Much Do Sam and Cole Make?

November 7, 2023

Sam and colby are a popular duo of youtubers that make content about ghost hunting, exploration, and other random interesting things. They have been able to grow their audience over the years and make money from ads on their videos. They also make a lot of money through merchandise sales, tours, and sponsorships.

Sam Golbach and Cole Brock first became famous as Vine stars in 2014 before the app shut down. They started their channel with a self-titled name and began posting prank videos and personal vlogs for their fans. They have continued to post similar content on their YouTube channel which has over 3 million subscribers.

They used to focus on urban exploring until they decided to switch to ghost hunting content in 2019. They have done many different investigations in the past, but they are best known for their videos where they explore old haunted houses and other spooky locations.

They have a lot of equipment that they use in their videos to capture evidence and communicate with entities that are supposedly attached to the location they are investigating. For example, they have a spirit box that they use and EMF detectors to see if there are any electromagnetic fields around the place. The couple also has an interesting relationship and are very close to each other. They are often seen hanging out together and are always there to support each other.


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