How Much Do Rolex Employees Make?

March 20, 2024

Rolex is known for being a luxury brand and making high-end watches. As such, it makes sense that employees in this industry would be compensated well for their hard work and dedication to the company. While Rolex is a private company and does not disclose financial information publicly, employees in roles such as sales associates, watchmakers, and administrative staff are believed to make salaries above the average for their industries.

However, salary levels vary based on the position, department, and location of the job. Individuals in higher level positions may earn more, as will those with additional education and certifications.

Depending on the position and industry, a Rolex employee can expect to be paid somewhere between $55,000 annually and $62,000 annually. This figure is based on 20 Rolex employees who have shared their salaries with CareerBliss.

In addition to their wages, Rolex employees enjoy many other benefits and perks. Some of these include free meals, healthcare coverage, and discounted merchandise. In addition, the company offers a generous PTO policy that allows for 15-20 days of vacation time per year.

According to job review site Comparably, 11 employees at Rolex rate their Compensation in the Bottom 45% of similar sized companies while 8 rank their Perks And Benefits in the Top 10%. Overall, employees at Rolex are satisfied with their job and the company as a whole.


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