How Much Do Rite Aid Pharmacy Techs Make?

November 5, 2023

As the third largest drugstore chain in the US and a big player on the East Coast, Rite Aid offers great opportunities for pharmacy techs. They are also known for paying their pharmacy technicians a competitive salary. Depending on location and experience level, pharmacy technicians can earn between $25,290 to $45,970 annually.

In the bustling environment of a pharmacy, there will be stressful situations where customers need help. This is where patience and empathy are key. It is essential that a pharmacy technician can manage customer expectations and alleviate concerns effectively. During the interview process, a Rite Aid representative may ask you questions that probe your ability to handle these types of situations.

Candidates should be prepared to agree to random drug testing. This is standard in the pharmaceutical industry and will be a requirement of participation in the pharmacy technician training program at Rite Aid and for working as a pharmacy technician afterward. Failure to pass the random test will result in the candidate being removed from the program and redirected to another position.

Some perks that Rite Aid pharmacy technicians can expect include paid time off. The company recognizes that they need to provide their employees with a work-life balance and gives them vacation, sick, and personal days so they can take time off without worrying about losing income. In addition, Rite Aid provides its employees with a discount on medications and other healthcare products. This is a huge cost-saving benefit that helps employees stay healthy and save money on their monthly expenses.


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