How Much Do Professional Pool Players Make?

January 6, 2024

People play pool or billiards as a hobby, to spend time with friends and family, or as an alternative to other forms of entertainment. However, there are also players who make this sport their career. They participate in different tournaments and earn money depending on how well they perform. They also have the opportunity to get sponsorships and endorsements. Some of the highest-paid pool players are Efren Reyes and Fedor Gorst. They are able to make millions of dollars a year in earnings and sponsorships.

How Much Do Professional Pool Players Make?

Most professional pool players, or billiards players, earn money by winning in tournaments. They may have to pay for their travel and tournament entry, especially if they are beginners or mid-level players. However, if they have a good record and are consistent with their performances, they will not have to pay for these fees. Additionally, some players are able to join organizations like UPA and gain access to more opportunities for earning money.

Although this profession can be lucrative, it is not a guarantee of financial stability. Even the best players cannot always win in every tournament. This is why many players, especially those who are starting out, supplement their income with other jobs or activities. These can include teaching or coaching amateur players, giving exhibitions and even working at a bar.

The COVID-19 pandemic affected the income of many professional pool players, as many tournaments were postponed or canceled due to safety concerns. As restrictions ease and tournaments resume, the income potential for professional billiards players should increase as well.


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