How Much Do Process Technicians Make?

January 2, 2024

The average salary for process technicians varies by industry, with the highest earning being those working in basic chemical manufacturing. They can also be found working in oil and gas product manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, or water and waste treatment. These professionals will often be required to monitor and follow specific procedures when handling a product. They will often work in control rooms and may be responsible for collecting samples to be tested in laboratories.

Process Technicians are able to find jobs in many industries and may work either full time or part-time. Some are required to perform shift work. This job requires strong technical and problem-solving skills. Process Technicians must be able to communicate with other employees and supervisors in order to ensure that all procedures are followed correctly. In addition, they must be able to maintain equipment and ensure that it is functioning properly.

This position can be demanding as the work is fast-paced. This is especially true when working in the biomedical industry. Process Technicians are responsible for ensuring that all medical products are produced to the correct standards and will meet patient needs. The role is a great fit for those who are interested in working with medicine and would like to gain experience in a medical environment.

The top paying cities for this role are Elmira, NY and Brooklyn, NY. These locations pay over the New York average of $52,568. They are also located close to LyondellBasell Industries, which pays the highest salary for this role at $73,000 a year.


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