How Much Do Porsche Mechanics Make?

October 11, 2023

When it comes time for your Porsche to get serviced, repairs or replacement parts, it’s important to work with mechanics who have experience with this unique brand. In fact, factory-trained Porsche mechanics are the best choice because they understand the specific needs of this luxury vehicle, have access to special tools and equipment, and are familiar with the values and standards that Porsche upholds.

The starting salary for a Porsche technician is generally $41000 per year. However, this figure varies significantly depending on the level of experience and qualifications that a technician has. For example, a Porsche master technician will usually make more than $75000 per year.

Getting to this point is often a matter of following a structured career path that begins with the Porsche Technician Apprenticeship Program (PTAP). This is Porsche Cars North America’s own apprenticeship program, and it is offered at locations across the U.S. Technicians in PTAP earn their bronze, silver, and gold certifications through on-the-job training at Porsche dealerships. Eventually, they can also move into shop foreman or management positions at the dealerships where they work.

Regardless of how you’ve arrived at this position, there is one thing that all successful Porsche technicians have in common – they love what they do. This is why so many people stay with the company for decades, and why you’ll find that the majority of Porsche employees are paid above average for their jobs. Most people in this industry can live comfortably on their salaries without having to take extra jobs or work for tips.


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