How Much Do Pool Technicians Make?

November 17, 2023

Whether you are a pool owner or a swimming pool cleaning company, it is important to understand how much do pool technicians make in order to be able to compensate your employees properly. This article will help you learn about the different factors that go into determining what a pool technician should be paid, and how to effectively use salary data to assess your employee's performance and overall happiness at work.

Do pool technicians get paid hourly or salaried?

Typically, pool technicians are paid hourly, which is great for beginners because they can build up their experience and skillset without the commitment of an annual salary. However, some employers may offer a salary, which is ideal for more senior positions or those who have extensive qualifications, certifications and hands-on experience.

Do pool technicians work for a big corporation or small business?

Generally, larger companies tend to have better benefits and pay for their pool technicians. This is because they have more resources available to them and can afford to take on more staff. However, smaller businesses can still offer competitive salaries and excellent benefits for their staff.

Are pool technicians under high pressure at work?

Generally, the work stress levels for pool technicians are pretty low. This is because they are able to do their jobs in a pretty relaxed atmosphere and don't have to travel for work as frequently as investment bankers or consultants do. They also don't have to work at nighttime, which gives them the chance to spend their free time with their loved ones.


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