How Much Do Phlebotomist Make in Las Vegas?

November 25, 2023

Phlebotomists draw blood for laboratory testing, so a physician can diagnose an illness or determine whether medications are working properly. Typically, a phlebotomist is certified after completing an on-the-job training program that includes classroom and clinical experience. The certification process shows that a phlebotomist has the skills and knowledge necessary to do the job safely, accurately and efficiently. Some states, including California, Louisiana and Nevada, require phlebotomists to be certified.

Phlebotomy is considered an entry-level position in the medical field and as such, it may pay less than some other clinical health care positions. However, it is a vital role that is growing rapidly. It is also possible to earn a higher salary as a phlebotomist, depending on the location, level of education and responsibilities.

The average phlebotomist makes about $36,300 per year. In addition to their base salary, phlebotomists can often receive additional compensation in the form of overtime, holiday pay and tips. Many phlebotomists work in hospitals, labs and private practices. Others can be found in a variety of settings, including schools, universities, community health centers and even at home for patients who may not be able to come to the office.

Often, phlebotomists must deal with the fact that some patients are nervous around needles. They can help relieve some of that anxiety by listening to their concerns and explaining the procedure in terms they understand. They can also offer support to people who are undergoing treatment for an illness or disease, and they can demonstrate compassion when they meet people in need of it.


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