How Much Do Phlebotomist Make in Alabama?

October 14, 2023

We’ve all had to go to the doctor for a checkup or to help diagnose a medical condition, and in most of these cases, the blood has been drawn by a phlebotomist. They are trained to draw blood from patients and donors in a professional manner and work in many different settings. They can find employment in hospitals, blood donation centers, and even some private medical clinics. The salary that a phlebotomist makes depends on the setting in which they work, but they tend to earn more at healthcare facilities than at other non-clinical locations.

Phlebotomists in the field of hematology (blood testing) are highly valued in the healthcare industry because their job requires them to draw blood from patients, donors, and employees for tests related to hematology, including anemia, cholesterol, and glucose levels. They are also able to detect signs of infection and monitor the immune system, among other things. This type of job requires the phlebotomist to have excellent communication skills, as they may need to explain complex medical conditions in an easy-to-understand way for people who might be nervous or scared about the procedure.

Some phlebotomists can also get paid more by taking on extra responsibilities, such as training new phlebotomists or drawing blood from candidates for drug screening. Some medical facilities will give a higher hourly rate to those who take on additional duties because they value the experience and skill that these individuals have.


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