How Much Do People Get Paid on 60 Days in?

October 24, 2023

If you're an avid viewer of 60 days in, then you must be curious to know how much do people get paid on the show. The premise of the show is quite simple; participants go undercover as inmates to uncover flaws at a jail and hopefully bring about changes. However, being a contestant on the show is not as easy as it sounds; for starters, you have to decide whether or not you're willing to spend two months in prison and give up your life. Despite the difficult choice, people are lined up to participate in this reality series. This is partly because of the hefty salary that producers offer.

While some may argue that the possible $3,000 per episode participants of 60 days in are not getting enough considering the risk and circumstances, the truth is that they're still paid more than a lot of other reality show contestants. RuPaul's Drag Race contestants, for example, only make $400 an episode whereas the contestants of Master of Sex receive a stipend of just $500 each week.

What's more, the salaries of the cast members of 60 days in are used to pay for the production costs, offices, crew, and so on. This also includes the travel expenses of the cast members who are required to go to the locations where the shoot is scheduled. It's worth noting that the participants of this show are also paid if they leave early due to health or other unavoidable reasons.


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