How Much Do People Get Paid For 60 Days in Jail?

March 22, 2024

As the A&E and Netflix top 10 series 60 Days In continues to attract viewers, people have started asking questions about the show's brave volunteers who spend two months undercover at a jail. The show has a pretty audacious set up, with participants given fabricated criminal backgrounds and then being placed into the general prison population to gain insight into how well or poorly the US correctional system is working.

One of the most common questions is whether or not the volunteers get paid for their time on the program. While the exact payment amount is not publicized, it's generally known that the participants do receive compensation for their efforts. In addition to the money, participants also gain valuable insights into the criminal justice system that can make a lasting impact on their lives and career paths.

It's worth noting that while the participants do get paid, they are not necessarily compensated if they choose to leave early. This is often the case for rookie participants who have no prior experience with jail or the criminal justice system, as they may find it challenging to stay on camera for two months in a harsh environment. According to Soap Dirt, participants who quit before the two month mark are paid a small stipend but not as much as those who complete their entire stint in the slammer.

The next season of the hit A&E show is currently filming in North Carolina's Pitt County Jail. The first episode will air on August 18. You can watch past seasons of the show on Netflix, Hulu, and Discovery Plus.


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