How Much Do People Charge For Sexting?

March 11, 2024

Sexting has gone from being a taboo to a lucrative side hustle for many. Some sexters can even make a six-figure yearly income. You just need to set your prices right, and build up a loyal client base and good reviews over time.

While sexting may seem like a silly pastime for some, there are actually plenty of people who do it to spice up their long-distance relationships, or to live out sexual fantasies they can’t fulfill in real life. In fact, the “Queen of Sexting,” Amber Sweetheart, raked in $2 million from her cheeky texts.

In a recent survey by the Michigan Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, 16.8% of participants reported that sending an explicit photo or video to someone made them feel arousal and masturbation, or enhanced physical sexual experiences. For some, sexting is even a form of foreplay before meeting a date in person.

The most successful sexting models are those who treat the process seriously. They know that customers are looking for a real connection, and they have the personality traits needed to deliver. They also understand that a lot of their clients are lonely and need companionship, and they can provide it by making their chats erotic and sensual.

When it comes to pricing, bundles or packages are usually the best way to go. This will give you more revenue per chat, and will help ensure that your customers are happy with the quality of service they receive. For example, a Reddit user revealed that he/she charges $20 for a text-only sexting session, and then adds on additional pictures or videos for an extra fee.


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