How Much Do Patient Sitters Make?

November 18, 2023

Patient sitters monitor hospital patients who cannot leave their rooms due to illness or disability. They may also help with housekeeping and personal care services. They communicate with doctors and nurses to ensure the safety of their assigned patients. They also document their observations in reports that go to the hospital staff. In addition, they may work in private homes or nursing facilities, where they provide care to a single patient. They typically receive formal training through an internship or on the job experience.

A good hospital sitter has excellent communication skills, and they must be able to handle stressful situations. They must be patient, compassionate, and empathetic with their patients. Hospital sitters are also highly motivated to succeed and work well with others. They also have strong leadership skills. A hospital sitter's reputation precedes them, and they are known for providing quality care.

The average hospital patient sitter makes around $39,488. However, they can make more or less depending on the location and the healthcare company they work for. It is important to compare salaries before applying for this position.

The hospital patient sitter profession is growing, as hospitals realize that they need to take more precautions with patients who are at risk of falls or otherwise unable to care for themselves. While video monitoring and alarm systems are sometimes touted as a more cost-effective alternative to patient sitters, they do not address all of the issues that can lead to a fall, such as poor lighting, obstacles & tripping hazards, slippery or uneven surfaces, psychoactive medications, and more.


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