How Much Do Participants on 60 Days in Make?

October 9, 2023

After watching 60 days in, you might be wondering how much do the participants on the show make. The reality docuseries is all about ordinary people volunteering to go undercover in jail for two months to try and find out any flaws in the prison system. The show has been a hit for A&E and Netflix is currently streaming the seventh season.

The cast of the show earns $3000 per episode. However, this amount is lower than what some other reality shows pay their contestants. The reason for this is that the focus of this show is on the experience rather than the monetary reward. The volunteers may also receive some other types of compensation that they can use to cover expenses or help with their finances.

As a result, this show is less lucrative than some other reality shows such as Naked and Afraid or Masters of Sex. Nevertheless, it is still a very popular choice for those who want to test their strength and resilience in extreme circumstances. Some of the cast have even used their appearance on the show to gain employment offers from Law enforcement agencies.

It is no secret that participating in 60 days in can be a difficult experience emotionally and physically. The isolation and constant fear can take a toll on the participants and it is not uncommon for them to struggle with anxiety, stress or post-traumatic stress disorder after the show ends.


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