How Much Do Paramedics Make in Florida?

October 31, 2023

Paramedics, also called emergency medical technicians or EMTs, are the first to respond to calls for assistance and provide immediate care at the scene and on the way to the hospital. They are able to perform basic lifesaving procedures, such as CPR and bandaging wounds. They must be a high school graduate or GED holder and complete an accredited program to become certified as paramedics. They can earn a higher salary if they have an associate degree or higher in a related field and have more years of experience.

Paramedicine is one of the highest-demand professions, so it's no surprise that paramedic salaries are on the rise across the country. In fact, the average salary for a paramedic in Florida has increased by 16% since 2014, making it the third-highest in the nation. The wages in the top-10 states for paramedics are all above the national average, with the biggest increases happening in Washington and Alaska. The wages in the bottom-10 states are all below the national average, with the lowest being West Virginia.

In addition to state averages for paramedics, the cost of living can affect how much a person makes. We've gathered data on thousands of cities and towns across the US to identify which ones pay above the average paramedic salary. These cities include Port St. Lucie, Miramar, Jacksonville, and many others. Click on a city to learn more about its salary ranges for a paramedic, and how they compare to other cities in the US.


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