How Much Do Oversize Load Drivers Make?

December 15, 2023

As the name implies, an oversized load requires additional skills to maneuver. These unique hauls are usually over 8.5 feet wide or more, and can include equipment like mobile homes, wind turbines, industrial machinery and construction equipment. They require special permits and follow a set of laws that stipulate how far they can travel, where they can travel and what hours they can operate. Because of these restrictions, a driver for an oversized load will often get paid more than the average trucker.

It is common for an oversized load to have a designated escort team with them as they transport their cargo. This is because these loads require a higher level of skill to maneuver, and are subject to additional rules regarding their movement on state roads. The cost of these escorts will vary depending on the particular shipment, as will the number of pilot cars needed to handle the load.

Another way that oversized load drivers are compensated is by mileage pay. This type of payment can be a great way to boost your overall salary, but you should only take it if the miles are above the industry average. Mileage pay is typically less lucrative when hauling a permit load, as you won’t be allowed to operate during certain times of the day and on specific holidays.

Overall, as long as you have the right skills and are comfortable operating these large trucks, an oversized load driver will have a steady stream of work that pays well. To find a job, search online or ask other truckers for leads. Also, reach out to friends and instructors at your CDL school for recommendations.


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