How Much Do OnlyFans Managers Make?

March 13, 2024

One of the main reasons why tens of thousands of creators let managers manage their OnlyFans account is because it saves them time. Having a manager means that you can focus more on your content creation, and as a result, you’ll make more money.

A good OnlyFans manager audits your account to find any loopholes that are stalling your profitability. They then fix these using tailored strategies that are designed specifically for you and your audience. These are the kinds of things that a top agency can do for you, and they’re well worth the cost.

They also do marketing and promotion for you, utilizing social media, collaborations, and other strategies to increase your subscriber count. Additionally, they handle your customer support and ensure a positive experience for your subscribers. They can help you develop a strong content strategy that resonates with your fans and keeps them coming back for more.

You can hire an OnlyFans manager for a flat fee or for a percentage of your income. The former works best for newbies, as it gives them a clear idea of how much they need to spend. Agencies that charge a percentage tend to work best for established influencers, as OnlyFans takes 20% of the total revenue.

In addition to managing your account, an OnlyFans manager also creates and uploads content for you. They can also help you build a close relationship with your audience by responding to their DMs. This is especially important for creators who are monetizing their accounts. Having a close connection with your followers will increase your sales and improve your reputation on the platform.


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