How Much Do Nurses Make in Mexico?

October 10, 2023

Considering the long hours spent studying for a nursing degree, it is understandable that nurses would expect to be paid well. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. According to an official study published in 2020 by the Belisario Dominguez Institute of the Senate of the Republic, nurses receive an average monthly payment of only 9,909 pesos. This is a far cry from the salaries of other professions such as managers, which reach up to $19,000 per month. A nurse’s salary is also significantly less than the minimum hourly rate of a Hooters waitress, which amounts to 152 thousand pesos.

The amount of money a nurse earns depends on their location, skills, and experience. The highest salaries are found in the United States, where a registered nurse can make up to $385,000 per year. In Mexico, the average yearly salary is $264,400.

Another factor that influences the wages of a nurse is their gender. While in the modern world, gender should not have an impact on pay, this is often not the case. Women in the nursing profession typically earn 9% less than men for doing the same job.

As a result of these low wages, many nurses choose to move to the United States in order to improve their financial situation. If a nurse has the right credentials, they can obtain a visa to work in the US and enjoy high wages. In addition, their spouse and children can benefit from a TD Dependent visa.


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